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Help Felix Find a Cure game
Help Felix Find a Cure
Help Felix Find A Cure!
Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Blossom game
Become a master gardener!
Governor of Poker game
Governor of Poker
Hold `em and know when to fold `em.
New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6 game
New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6
Stop a phony pharaoh in this time management adventure!

Sergejus' Relaxlet

Sergejus, male from European Union
Hi. I'm Sergejus, and I'm a Relaxlet admin.

My favorite game: Cooking Dash - DinerTown Studios

Cooking Dash - DinerTown Studios game
Cooking Dash - DinerTown Studios
Flo's heading to Hollywood! Flo's friend needs help feeding the cast and crew of her TV show. Can you successfully feed the egos and stomachs of the cast and crew and keep them from walking off the set?

My other favorite games

Wedding Dash 2 game
Wedding Dash 2
Here come the brides - again!
Pet Shop Hop game
Pet Shop Hop
Grow a modest pet shop into a boutique.
The Count of Monte Cristo game
The Count of Monte Cristo
Help Edmond escape from prison.
Fashion Solitaire game
Fashion Solitaire
Strike a pose with solitaire.
First Class Flurry game
First Class Flurry
Become a star flight attendant.

My latest downloads

Downloaded on Mar 29, 2011
Tumblebugs 2 game
Tumblebugs 2
Save your beetle buddies.
Downloaded on Mar 13, 2011
Mystery of Mortlake Mansion game
Mystery of Mortlake Mansion
Explore the mysterious Mortlake Mansion!
Downloaded on Mar 6, 2011
Wedding Dash 2 game
Wedding Dash 2
Here come the brides - again!
Downloaded on Feb 27, 2011
Awakening: Moonfell Wood game
Awakening: Moonfell Wood
Sophia must find her people!
Downloaded on Feb 27, 2011

Sergejus' Message Board

Posted on May 24, 2013    
OlZPoR <a href="">gheqjkfvhikd</a>
Posted on May 21, 2013    
Swv1Yi <a href="">qtyhojkgektb</a>
Posted on May 20, 2013    
Hi, Mr.Iwasaki! I'm Sarah and am a big fan of VitaminX! I played PS2 visoern as well as DS.I always had a simple question that I want to ask you. My favourite character, Tsubasa, is a mix of British and Japanese, right? (His mum's British, isn't she?) How come his English sounds more like American? (He definitely hasn't got British accent) I'm just wondering if there's any side setting for that.Keep your great work! Thank you!!
Posted on Oct 14, 2011    
K3yprg , [url=]ebwgozirygax[/url], [link=]eaupaiikqnmi[/link],
Posted on Oct 13, 2011    
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Posted on Oct 12, 2011    
DneqWO , [url=]okbwiqbbjkwt[/url], [link=]adntyqhzliig[/link],
Posted on Oct 11, 2011    
wwu3Qr <a href="">fuglrhudsccp</a>
Posted on Oct 10, 2011    
Begun, the great internet educotain has.
Posted on Apr 6, 2008    
I this game!
Posted on Apr 5, 2008    
Yep, my favorite
Posted on Apr 2, 2008    
Pet shop hop

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